Greetings, Beautiful Souls

Born and raised in California my entire life, I reside in Sonoma County, just an hour north of San Francisco.

I am a Creative, Heart-Centered Energy and Light Intuitive, a Professional Trainer of Colour Mirrors Teachers and Practitioners, a Colour Mirrors Practitioner and Teacher, Numerologist, and an Animal Communicator and Energy Consultant.

I have been communicating with spirits and animals since I was a child. My spiritual studies began as a teenager and continue to this day by fully embracing my intuitive abilities. In 2020, I stepped into my Divine, Authentic Self by opening my spiritual practice to serve humanity, Gaia, and the animal world.


To be in a state of Divine love is what our Higher Self wants for us.  We all deserve to love and be loved unconditionally.   


Working with Lisa has been amazing, and I am one grateful client. She can really see in a vision what one is trying to talk about and be right there with you in the situation. Almost like Lisa is holding your hand and actually intuitively feeling the energy of what you are feeling. Her insight and clarity in response to a question are on point. There is a particularly gentle guidance Lisa has to help you see what she is seeing. She is a great coach, and I look forward to working with her more in the future. If you are looking for some guidance with great energy and understanding, I highly recommend Lisa to ask your question. With Gratitude, thank you, Lisa.
Herb Light
Founder of Breathe Zen Light
The opportunity to work with Lisa is amazing; her work touches one on a deep level. She truly has found her calling. Lisa's dedication to serving others with loving-kindness, authenticity, and a pure open heart allows information to come directly from Spirit. Her gifts and crystal clear connection to the other side are pretty remarkable, a true blessing. Lisa's knowledge of The Color Mirror System is inspiring and what she shares is incredibly insightful. Through Lisa, I have received messages from my Beloved ones from across the rainbow bridge, both human and furry family members. It has been healing and very powerful. After experiencing a chakra balancing session with Lisa, I honestly felt more relaxed, grounded, and in my body than I had in many moons. It felt as if I was given a huge hug from my angels, guides, and guardians. I know I can count on Lisa to help guide me to my own answers within me as she can assist me in getting in touch with my true self on this journey of life. Thank you Lisa
Azja Light
Lisa's one of the clearest channels I have ever worked with. She shares insights from a heart-centered space, grounded in tranquility. Just being in her presence brings peace and clarity. I highly recommend working with her and I'm so grateful to have along my healing journey.-Dr. Melissa Barker, Founder & CEO of The Phoenix Project
I have had multiple sessions with Lisa. Her calm, healing energy is contagious and makes you want more. We started our sessions with meditation, grounding, and connecting me with Mother Earth. It was a great way to begin, and I felt it brought me into the moment, preparing me to receive the messages of the session. She performed a chakra balancing and gave me a reading which I felt was very helpful. She did not rush the sessions, and I felt entirely at ease. You can lie down on a comfortable massage table with a soft blanket or sit however you like. Her space where she does the readings has a healing vibe, filled with all colors of the rainbow, candles, flowers, crystals, Buddha, and angels. Sometimes her cat will quietly sleep in the room during the session, which I enjoy as an avid animal lover. Lisa always makes sure I feel safe and comfortable before starting the session. Her readings have been spot on, and I always feel a sense of calmness afterward. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a color reading and/or chakra balancing! She definitely has a special gift!
Kristin A.
Whenever I consult with Lisa, the specific information and clarity that comes through are always amazing! Lisa's sessions are so deeply healing and always fun. The Colour Mirror System's energy and how it comes through are deep, insightful, and integrating. Lisa has mastered this system, combines it with her own intuitive gifts, and brings it all to another level. The light that comes through, as a result, changes everything for the better. I consult Lisa regularly with my most important questions and issues, and I cannot recommend Lisa wholeheartedly enough.