Shadow Reading

Shadow Reading $111 (USD)

What is a Shadow Reading?

A Shadow reading can reveal what lies in your subconscious or your unconscious.  We all have a shadow side, it’s a part of us and something not to be feared or scared of.  In fact, our shadow may have protected you in certain situations throughout your life.  If one is open and willing to show up during a shadow reading, patterns will be revealed from the card(s) picked.  A shadow reading is an opportunity to gain insight.  From a different perspective, one can look at your shadow side’s tactics, tricks, and habits and remember that your Higher Self wants the best for you. 

As with most readings, we rely on our minds and emotions to interpret the information tied to our stories.  There is an opportunity to take your session further and deeper and remove it from your physical body, where everything has been stored in your cellular memory.  This is where colour therapy comes in and is used as a vibrational tool. 

I will finish your session with a holistic approach to healing the shadow by suggesting you pick a Colour Mirrors bottle to spritz or bathe in.  This empowers you to continue the healing process yourself at home.  (Colour Mirror bottles are sold separately and are not included in the price of the reading)

Some types of Shadow readings: (1.  Past, Present, Future.  2.  Family Shadow Dynamics.  3.  Shadows from the Past-just, to name a few).  I utilize Moira Bush’s (one of my incredible spiritual teachers and mentors) Shadow Deck and Reading Shadow Deck course as a tool in my reading for you.