Chakra Balancing


What is a Chakra Balancing session?

A Chakra balancing session is typically around 2 hours. It is an in-depth reading using Colour Mirror traditional and/or higher vibrational chakra bottles placed over your body. This session can be done in person (optimal) or virtually. There is no need to prepare ahead of your session; be open to the process.

Chakras are the energy field centers that distribute the energy which supports the functioning of the mind, body, and emotions. We can sometimes have too much, too little, or even blocked energy in a particular chakra, which causes unbalanced functions associated with that chakra. A Chakra Balancing session helps bring each chakra back into balance and harmony, allowing energy to be more evenly distributed.

The session helps people access their “Divine right inside their bodies and their energy fields.” (Moira Bush-Colour Mirror teacher). With this reading, we can tap into underlying issues and find solutions for healing through the messages from the Colour Mirror bottles.

Many clients who have had sessions with me say they were as relaxed as if they had a deep spiritual massage. Some have even fallen into a state of deep sleep during their session.

Chakra Balancing Sessions: In Person(image on left)/ Remote (image on the right)