Meet Lisa

Greetings, Beautiful Souls.  How fabulous you found me.  I am so excited to work with you.

As the founder of Lisa’s Healing Tree, my intention is to provide you with creative, heart-centered, intuitive readings and services, while utilizing various modalities, such as the Colour Mirrors system, Numerology, Crystals, Essential Oils, and Essences.  I work with pets too.

My interests are:

My love for animals and advocating on their behalf.  Currently, I have three dogs (Albie, Phoebe, and our newest addition Devi, my service dog) and two cats (brothers Bear Bear and Felix).

The ocean is essential to my Piscean nature, and putting my feet in the water and sand connects me to my Beingness. 

My connection to Gaia and all her fabulous rejuvenating, grounding, and healing energy inspires and refreshes me.

A long-time advocate for people with disabilities and their rights, especially around higher education, is another passion of mine.

Work with me

Colour Mirrors Practitioner & Teacher


Chakra Balancing

Essential Oils & Essences

Animal Communicator & Energy Consultant