46. Archangel Raphael (Deep Green/East/Air)


I am Archangel Raphael, and my name means “God’s healing.” Call on me when you need healing for your body, mind, and/or soul. I will heal your relationships and your heart with my emerald green healing energy. I am the angel of the East and represent the element of Air, and I will help you breathe. I bring kindness, compassion, and nurturing into your life, especially when you are being hard on yourself. He reminds you not to let your heart be trampled on, for it is a precious gift and your greatest source of guidance. Choosing this essence indicates that you have the ability to bring healing to others. Call on Raphael to help you awaken your healing gifts and amplify your healing skills. Remember to breathe consciously and expand your heart center to heal from the pure light of love. Remember, too, that whatever you give comes back to you multiplied and expanded many times over. Allow yourself to receive.

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