22. Forgiveness (Deep Magenta / Pale Magenta)


This Forgiveness bottle 22 is a challenging number and relates to the Fool in the Tarot. The Fool has to start the journey again and again, but these colours hold the answers to the Fool’s predicament. Magenta relates to Divine love: this is a time to let go and let God. Surrender to your own highest knowing and allow the perfection of what is unfolding. Hand it all over to a higher power and submit to the Creator’s plan for your greatest good. Keep your faith and your innocence and enter the Kingdom of Heaven with childlike awe. You are starting a new cycle, and the more you let go of fear and connect with Divine love, the easier your path will be. These colours are strongly indicative of a healer’s journey and ask you to finally forgive God, and yourself as part of God. With forgiveness comes freedom and a sense of joyful expansion and creativity that ripples out to touch others. Remember what it is to be in faith and innocence and childlike awe. There is no other time than now.

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