47. Archangel Uriel (Copper/North/Earth)


I am Archangel Uriel. I am the angel of the North and represent the element of Earth. I help you place your feet gently on the earth, reminding you that you are of the earth too and what a wondrous gift it is to be alive right here, right now on this Divine planet. The earth was never meant to remove you from heaven. I help you keep your feet on the earth even as you reach for the stars and remind you what it means to be both infinitely light and deeply grounded. When you are unsure, I bring certainty when you are troubled and calm when you are overwhelmed. I remind you to honor the gift of your precious body and supports you in awakening to gratitude for your life, the earth, and all who are upon it. Allow Uriel’s light to help you find courage and commitment so that you can move forward in your chosen direction.

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