C 6. Third Eye Chakra (Violet / Royal Blue)


This Third Eye Chakra bottle puts you in touch with your inner knowing and is helpful when you have difficulty trusting your intuition. It is supportive in overcoming grief and loss and useful for relieving panic attacks. Helpful for sinus problems, headaches and stress. This bottle is also the best painkiller of the system and can help with bruising as well as insect bites. It relates to a lifetime when you withheld your knowledge and spiritual insight out of fear and helps you trust that it is safe now to share these gifts with the world. This bottle carries the energy of initiation and shows you that the difficulties you have been facing are a path to greater awareness and wisdom. Use your inner knowing to see the bigger picture. It relates to higher mental powers and healing and is helpful in connecting with the angelic realms. Opens the psychic gate.

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