24. Love, Money & Creativity (Pale Magenta / Pale Olive)


This Love, Money, & Creativity bottle states this is a time when it seems appropriate to look at the tapestry of your life and recognise that all the stitches were perfect – the light ones and the dark ones. The design as woven by you as the Creator was in fact a design so cosmically, profoundly perfect that it leaves you breathless. You have to acknowledge that your conscious mind could not have worked out such a perfect design which always took you to the perfect place at the perfect time to get to exactly this point in time, with all the gifts and understanding you have now. Well done. You are the master weaver, and your work is a work of art. Begin to acknowledge that the main part of the design is love and that where love shows in the design is where there is a glow that attracts others. Look at how the threads of love were woven through the design and what an important part of the picture that is. Now is the time to own the blessings of love, money and creativity in your life and the gifts of the past that brought you here. This is your heritage from past lifetimes. You have earned it all.

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