C 9. Base Chakra – The Lightbody (Clear / Clear)


This higher vibrational Base Chakra bottle will support you in clearing survival issues. This bottle indicates a need to make a decision in your life. It asks you to take complete responsibility for the creation of your reality. The more you do so, the more choice you will experience and the more you will discover that life can be based on joy. This bottle helps bring the light of clarity into any situation, including the struggles and suffering you have experienced and now have the potential for Ascension. Begin to see those experiences as catalysts on your path. Let them awaken your compassion and a deeper understanding of yourself and others. When you are free of judgement you are open to joy, and it is joy that raises your vibration. This bottle helps your body understand that it is simply condensed light and that death and aging are just another set of beliefs that can be changed. This bottle is a gift to show you that you are the light and always have been. When you truly get this message in your cells, survival issues become a thing of the past. Step into the light and feel the joy.

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