G17. Elohim (Platinum / Pale gold)


Impeccability (G10 – the partner of G17) is about changing judgement but Elohim, this bottle, is truth beyond any doubt that all is perfect. It is trust enlightened into the knowing that when judgement no longer exists, nothing negative needs to exist as no one needs to learn anything. This bottle connects you with the angelic beings of light we refer to as the Elohim. As their light becomes available to you and through you, begin to communicate with Divine authority and love so that all are touched by what you say, what you do and most of all, who you are. This bottle helps you know beyond any doubt that everything is perfect – including you. It is time to recognise the gold within you as an absolute fact. You are precious, you are wise and you are powerful. Open to your creative abilities and the vast blessings of the Elohim, and prepare for a special time of ease and lightness of being.

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