G 2. The Core (Copper / Copper)


The Core bottle is powerfully healing for those who have been through birth trauma and a great support for those who have never felt at home on the earth. It nourishes even the most jaded soul and brings warmth, hope and healing when you cannot remember your reason for being here. It is wonderfully grounding for the star children who feel so disassociated from the planet and its energies, helping them feel safe and loved. Excellent for focusing indigo children and grounding them so that they might connect with their reason for being on the planet. This bottle is a tonic any time you feel lost, lonely or anxious, helping you receive the love of Gaia and in turn remember your love for her. This bottle is the real ‘earth mother’, representing the grounded earthiness of someone who loves to take care of others. If this is your bottle, you have the ability to help others connect with the earth and develop their innate love for the planet.

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