G24. Reconnection (Pale Coral / Copper)


The name of this bottle G24 is called ‘Reconnection’, which implies that you were always connected – you just allowed yourself to forget for a time. It enables you to be fully in your body so that you can feel your connection with Gaia, and it reconnects you with Gaia so that you can really live in your body. This bottle asks you to release whatever blocks you from accepting yourself as fully Divine and therefore perfect, as well as fully human – and therefore perfect. Every small part of you and your life that you think is not perfect has to be looked at again, and any beliefs you hold that God is guilty for creating a painful reality have to be re-examined and brought into the light. This bottle says you no longer need to go ‘out there’ to find God. You can now look in the mirror and see yourself as a Divine human on a fifth dimensional planet. Gaia has always been an evolved being, but out of love she has held herself in the third dimension, waiting for humanity to catch up. Feel the reconnection that comes from knowing that your earth mother has always loved and supported you and always will. Remember what it means to be plugged into the universe, reconnected with your spirit, your heart, your body and the earth. This can be a difficult bottle as whatever blocks us from accepting that we are Earth and God and therefore perfect will come up to be looked at and released. This bottle encourages you to release whatever limits you and reconnect with all that feeds your soul. The Earth Element helps us to lock that truth into our bodies in a way we have not been able to experience before.

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