44. Archangel Gabriel (Blue Lilac/West/Water)


I am Archangel Gabriel, and my colour is blue-lilac, the colour of the Gateway. I am the angel of the West and represent the element of Water. I herald in the new and am here to show you a new way. The path you have been on is not taking you anywhere, and you have been walking in circles. Archangel Gabriel signals change, and he appears at the end of a cycle to bring messages of hope for the future. Call on him if you are struggling or facing a gateway in your life, knowing that everything is on track and a new beginning is on the horizon. Keep the faith. Gabriel is the archangel of peace, prosperity, and unity. He brings wholeness where there has been division and separation. He supports you in awakening to higher levels of consciousness so that you begin to see the oneness in all life. Gabriel is a messenger. He asks you to listen closely now to your angels’ messages, as they have important information for you. Notice the signs around you. You are preparing to shift to the next level. Spread your wings and fly.

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