G26. Alignment (Pale Coral / Diamond Clear)-


The clear fraction in the bottom of this bottle, G26-Alignment, relates to the Water element and all that we keep in the emotional body. This bottle brings complete transparency to everything you have kept hidden in the depths of yourself so that you no longer have to try to be something or someone you are not. As you drop the pretences, you shed the limiting fears and beliefs that have kept you out of alignment with your truth. Now we can access it easily with the support of the Water Element. As you align with your true self, all the way through, everything can flow from a place of balance and inner harmony. This bottle reminds you that you have always been Divine light in a human body. It supports you as you come into alignment in all aspects of your being: your light and shadow self, your Divine and human self, your inner male and female. This bottle is a perfect mirror of our truth. We just had to remember it into perfect alignment. Alignment can happen now on all the axes, turning everything into a sphere of wholeness. Feel the joy.

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