G 3. Return from Atlantis (Copper / Turquoise)


This Return from Atlantis bottle relates to past lives in Atlantis. It indicates that there is information and healing from your Atlantean lifetimes available to support you with whatever you are going through now. It also helps you tap into the wisdom of that time and share it in a way that is grounded and easy to understand. This bottle helps heal the trauma of the sinking of Atlantis and the abuses of power which played out at that time. It also helps heal past life trauma through a death by drowning and is supportive for anyone who feels unsafe on the planet. The gift in this bottle is that it connects the information from the dolphins and whales into the earth consciousness. This bottle is connected to water in every form, and those who are drawn to it have the capacity to receive the flowing wisdom and power found in all the waters of the earth. It also relates to the waters of your mother’s womb and the programming you received in utero, and supports you in releasing the thoughts and feelings you took on from your mother during her pregnancy.

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